Learning to write was and still is a journey.  I recall a school desk with a round hole in the upper-right-hand corner.  Each of us was given a new dip pen, a new bottle to put in that hole, and a blotter.  No pigtail dipping allowed.  We practiced Palmer Method cursive writing with that dip pen.  No, we’re not talking 1800s here, it was the early 1950s.  Legible writing, spelling, and grammar were drilled into each of us daily.  It worked.  Sadly, the days of dip pens were numbered, and the following year or two was wooden pencils and cartridge fountain pens.  Ball-point followed well through high school and college, but the lessons learned were never forgotten.

My first computer?  A Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 with a chiclet keyboard and built-in Basic programming language.  4K RAM, and it plugged into a TV.  If you wanted to save your program, a cassette recorder was the best answer.  Next, the big time – a Zenith EZ-PC.  Black and white monitor, two 720K floppy drives – no hard drive.  Believe it or not, it ran Wordperfect, AutoCAD, DBase III+ and Lotus 1-2-3.  Modems?  What for?  No internet existed outside university testing labs.

…and here I am writing a Blog?

I’ve worked in IT for almost 30 years now, learning as I went, breaking things just so I could figure out how to fix them.  Exploring – always exploring.  I’m a firm believer in the axiom that each day is worthwhile only if you learn something new.

Always do your best, take pride in your work, and keep learning!