I put this on Facebook several months ago – it bears repeating…
OK, so I’m a senior citizen, but that only means that I maybe have a bit more insight than the younger folks.
When I was growing up, violence in schools was rare. On TV, acts of cruelty (accidental or otherwise) were dealt with by explanation, contrition, and learning a lesson from it so that it didn’t happen again. For example, Opie Taylor and the Robin’s nest on The Andy Griffith Show.
Today, movies with graphic violence and gore are the choice of many. Online games tout ‘Kill noobs! Score headshots!’
I’ll tell you what’s wrong with America – we’ve lost our focus on human kindness and decency. We are no longer ‘…one nation, under God, indivisible’. We are a divided nation with no sense of what’s right or decent.
I just heard that someone recommended that teachers be allowed to carry weapons!? That’s not the final answer, people. Teach your children to value human life, correct them when they’re wrong. Teach them common decency and manners. Make them responsible for their actions.
I don’t care who or what you are – it applies to everyone on this planet – we’re in this together. Let’s solve it together.
Put guns in the hands of those that value those principles. Get rid of the movies and games that glorify senseless violence. No, I don’t want a country full of pansies, but strong men and women don’t need weapons other than their own actions to lead us.
I’m off my soapbox for now. If you’ve read this far, your views and comments are appreciated. Am I wrong? Prove it, and I’ll change my thinking – that’s how we learn and grow.

Well said Chuck. And may I add to it? Back in the day kids were also taught to take responsibility for what they did. Now you can’t look at a child without a wild helicopter parent ready to scream at you. Kids run wild and talk to adults in ways I would’ve gotten the snot smacked out of me for! My mother would’ve never tolerated it. Every kid wins a trophy no matter who wins the game, and then they wonder why the same kid can’t compete in the real world. Doesn’t u:nderstand why he doesn’t get a raise when he doesn’t bother working harder. Just gets mad and hurts people around him. People need to be looking inside the family unit if you want to get to the source of what’s wrong these days. When parents use tv and video games for a babysitter instead of supervised entertainment. When parents will teach their kid they are victims instead of teaching them coping skills. And worst of all when parents put them on such a pedestal that no one elses feelings matter but their own you’ve got a nation of selfish spoiled entitled adults who will do anything to anyone and not care because they have been raised to never be wrong and the center of the universe
 Thanks for the comments, everyone! I had finally had enough. The above rational rant has been in the making since we went to Olive Garden for supper. There were 2 women and 5 kids at a table just a few away from ours, and the kids were running around the restaurant screaming, standing on chairs and tables, and their parents totally ignored them and did nothing to stop or correct them. The restaurant management didn’t (and wouldn’t) say anything to them, and when I mentioned it to our server, she just shrugged and said she understood but there was nothing she could do. If I had behaved like that in a restaurant I would have been taken to the car and made to sit until my parents returned to head home. No stops at some other restaurant because the little prince was hungry, I was taken home, sent to my room, and waited – hungry – until the next meal. I learned. Was I abused in any way? NO. Was my psyche damaged for life? NO. I was taught a lesson. You know what? I’m still learning!  Just sayin’…