I have a perfect answer for the children protesting gun rights. After checking several sources, it seems there is an average of 11 teenagers killed each day by other teenagers texting or talking and driving. Taking these children’s logic to a relatively logical step forward, we just take away all cell phones and their cars! Phones and cars are killers and these children should not be allowed to apply for the use of one until they’re at a responsible age.  There are far more deaths by phone than guns any day of the year.

Let’s take this one more logical step.  Eleven deaths a day doesn’t include the number of suicides every year caused by shaming and bullying, much of it texted or messaged on these over-entitled children’s phones. Given that, it makes sense to take phones away until they’re old enough to respect the power in their hands.

Kids might actually have to interact with those around them face-to-face.  Without phones, they’d have time for homework, sports, and time with their families.  Compare that to what I see every day – kids from grade school through high school walking to and from the bus with shoulders slumped, staring down at their phones as they text ignoring the world and even those around them, not to mention the vehicles swerving to avoid them as they cluelessly wander down the middle of the street in a chatroom fog.

Helicopter parents worried about where their children are don’t need to give them phones.  A simple GPS tracker will suffice to locate them at school and around the neighborhood if you feel the need, or even better – old-fashioned parenting and trust when deserved.  Yes, you read correctly.  When. Deserved.  Not because they whine, cry and throw tantrums – when. deserved. period.

Let’s get these instruments of destruction out of our children’s hands!

Just sayin…