There is overwhelming evidence that the recently uncovered priestly perversions happen wherever the Roman Catholic Church exists, not just in Pennsylvania. Their superiors and their superior’s superiors say ‘shame, shame’, but do nothing to clean the sewer they have made, polluted, and continue to live in. The Roman Catholic religion, although almost as old as Christianity itself, is a perverted sham of a religion with the little biblical fact authenticating it to what God through Jesus Christ anticipated. Their belief in Mary as the ‘mother of god’, worshipping a dead Christ on the cross, indulgences, relics, and all manner of devil-inspired lies, many of which make witchcraft pale in comparison. This ‘church’ needs to be fumigated from the top down, its leaders exposed for what they are, and the rotting corpse on their cross torn down to reveal the living Christ seated at the right hand of the living God, not the god of this world that they worship and adore.
Other ‘religions’ are just as guilty of perverting the Gospel. From the mainstream Western religions to the supposedly enlightened non-denominational spirit-filled churches, each has strayed and cannot see its own hypocrisy (see my earlier post – )