Make no mistake – Democrats don’t want to help their constituents, nor do they care about them. They only want to control you and make you subservient to them. The government is NOT Santa Claus, it’s not Mommy and Daddy. They want to dictate what they think is best for you, not what you actually need. Individual freedoms – out the window – it’s what they dictate you will do, say, and think. There is no free education, no free handouts for the chronically lazy, no free healthcare, no matter what they tell you. They’ll take from workers and give to the non-workers. The more they take, the fewer incentive workers have to produce. Think about it. The mid-term election is this Tuesday – do you want freedom, or do you want every facet of your life controlled? The more they get, the more they’ll take.
I’ll take freedom, thank you very much. Vote Republican. #WalkAway