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Make no mistake – Democrats don’t want to help their constituents, nor do they care about them. They only want to control you and make you subservient to them. The government is NOT Santa Claus, it’s not Mommy and Daddy. They want to dictate what they think is best for you, not what you actually need. Individual freedoms – out the window – it’s what they dictate you will do, say, and think. There is no free education, no free handouts for the chronically lazy, no free healthcare, no matter what they tell you. They’ll take from workers and give to the non-workers. The more they take, the fewer incentive workers have to produce. Think about it. The mid-term election is this Tuesday – do you want freedom, or do you want every facet of your life controlled? The more they get, the more they’ll take.
I’ll take freedom, thank you very much. Vote Republican. #WalkAway

With IT groups becoming more security-conscious, I have been asked repeatedly if it is possible to have lower-level IT personnel install GP workstations without causing security risks by giving out the SQL sa password.
I tested a user created in GP solely for GP installs, and it did work in 2018R2.  I have not tested it in other versions at this point.
I created a user in GP named GPADMIN and set the password for the user.  I purposely also did not grant any company access or security.  I then edited the dex.ini SYNCHRONIZE= to TRUE to force dictionary synchronization with the DYNAMICS account framework (this would emulate the activity of running Utilities following a client install).  I then ran Dynamics Utilities ‘as administrator’ and logged in as GPADMIN, and it did successfully synchronize the dictionaries.
I then ran Dynamics and was able to log in successfully as far as the company selection screen.  Since I granted no company access, there were none on the drop-down.
It appears that you could use this to allow installers to run a template install and keeping the sa and DYNSA accounts secure.
Note that this will only work for workstation installs or service pack updates.  For adding companies in GP Utilities, you will need to use either sa or DYNSA.  Make certain DYNSA is dbo for DYNAMICS and all companies listed in the SY01500 table.  To take it one step further, the initial installation and database creation must be done using the sa account, since the installer needs to create DYNSA and set the login as dbo for Dynamics-related databases.
DYNSA has security to log into GP, log into companies, and perform most maintenance tasks.  GPADMIN (or whatever name you choose) will be able to install or update clients.  Neither will be able to log into SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) since their passwords are encrypted in the DYNAMICS database.

One of Microsoft’s buried SQL gems.  I was working with a client with serious inter-server Dynamics GP performance issues, so slow as to be virtually unusable, but GP ran fine at the SQL Server.  We discovered SQL ODBC was communicating using Named Pipes only.

Without getting into troubleshooting detail, their IT group changed the default SQL port for Microsoft SQL 2016, and Microsoft, in all their infinite wisdom, removed port selection settings from the client ODBC DSN Configuration interface a number of versions back.  So how do you tell ODBC what port to connect to?

The answer is simple.  During configuration, when you select the server, enter the SQL Server and instance followed by a comma (,) followed by the port number it will connect with – no spaces.

For example, If your SQL Server is on CONTOSO1\GP, but needs to use TCP/IP Port 12345, enter CONTOSO1\GP,12345 in the Server line. If SQL is on the default instance, it would be CONTOSO1,12345.  It’s that simple.

Evil Incarnate

There is overwhelming evidence that the recently uncovered priestly perversions happen wherever the Roman Catholic Church exists, not just in Pennsylvania. Their superiors and their superior’s superiors say ‘shame, shame’, but do nothing to clean the sewer they have made, polluted, and continue to live in. The Roman Catholic religion, although almost as old as Christianity itself, is a perverted sham of a religion with the little biblical fact authenticating it to what God through Jesus Christ anticipated. Their belief in Mary as the ‘mother of god’, worshipping a dead Christ on the cross, indulgences, relics, and all manner of devil-inspired lies, many of which make witchcraft pale in comparison. This ‘church’ needs to be fumigated from the top down, its leaders exposed for what they are, and the rotting corpse on their cross torn down to reveal the living Christ seated at the right hand of the living God, not the god of this world that they worship and adore.
Other ‘religions’ are just as guilty of perverting the Gospel. From the mainstream Western religions to the supposedly enlightened non-denominational spirit-filled churches, each has strayed and cannot see its own hypocrisy (see my earlier post – )

This is an additional post on the perils of network performance, hardware, and file placement as related to Dynamics GP’s client/server processing algorithm.

While I could use posting, reporting, or data entry as an example, I will use SmartList as an example, since it provides a generic platform for non-technical analysis.

Let’s consider a simple action in Dynamics GP – the version is irrelevant for this scenario, other than the fact that SmartList was introduced in early versions of Great Plains Dynamics and CS+ and is commonly used.

  1. A normal system – our baseline:
    a. You request a Payables Transaction SmartList.
    b. The request is sent to the SQL Server Database Engine.
    c. Relevant data returns to the user’s temp folder in small packets (25 records each) for processing and temporary storage pending query completion.
    d. Results display to screen for further user interaction.
  2. A normal client with active antivirus scanning enabled
    a. You request a Payables Transaction SmartList
    b. The request is sent to the SQL Server Database Engine
    c. Relevant data returns
    d. Packet 1 – antivirus scans packet to ensure it is safe, then writes and stores in temp
    e. Packet 2 – antivirus engine scans packet
    f. Packet 3-400 (assuming default ‘first 1000 records’)
    g. Results display to screen
  3. A client with a low-bandwidth NIC (100Mb, Wireless)
    a. You request a Payables Transaction SmartList
    b. The request is sent to the SQL Server Database Engine
    c. Relevant data returns, but is unable to process as fast due to data backed up waiting its turn to get through. Think of the data as water, with the server 1GB+ NIC as a garden hose. With the 100MB NIC we are trying to force all the water passing through the garden hose into a drinking straw. Once the water is shut off (SQL processing finished), the hose will empty, but held back by the diameter of the straw.
    d. Packets arrive and results display on screen slowly

4. A client (or server) with slow disk drives or drives busy with other activities
a. You request a Payables Transaction SmartList
b. The request is sent to the SQL Server Database Engine
c. Query runs on server, writes to temporary tables, but both reading and writing data are slowed by the rate the server disks are able to read, write, and process the request. This is most noticeable in 5400RPM drives, but still noticeable in 7200RPM HDDs. If multiple databases are written to simultaneously, performance drops even more. That’s why data and log files, and tempdb should be on their own physical drives or drive arrays.
d. Relevant data returns, but is again hindered by a drive that cannot write fast enough to keep up with the data returned, or writing is hindered by the disk being busy writing other processes to disk, calculating spreadsheets, rendering drawings, etc.

5. Client with roaming profiles
a. You request a Payables Transaction SmartList
b. The request is sent to the SQL Server Database Engine
c. Relevant data returns to the temp folder on a different server
d. Client queries and processes data in the temp folder across the network. This will take many bundles of data, and we’re now shuffling data to another server.
e. Data returns to client and displays on screen for further processing

As you can see from the above examples, there are numerous ways in which data can be slowed down, backed up, or bottlenecked. Keep in mind that any combination of the above scenarios is also possible.

It’s also easy to alleviate many of these trouble spots.
In scenario #2, create Antivirus exceptions for known temporary files.
* In the %temp% folder:
* TNT*.dat
* TNT*.idx
* TNT*.tmp
* In a %temp%\TNT* subfolder:
* ASI*.dat
* ASI*.idx

In scenario #3, make sure the NIC is a minimum of 1GB, and any hubs (old) or switches support 1GB throughput. Most new computers already comply. If you’re connecting to your network on a wireless connection, plug in a network cable. If your notebook doesn’t have a NIC port, there are USB adapters.

In scenario #4, the faster the drive, the better the performance. A Solid-State Drive is fastest. Increased productivity will quickly offset the additional cost of an SSD.

In scenario #5, if your IT requires roaming profiles, make sure your network is as fast as possible, but ask if it’s available to store temp files locally rather than on another server.

PC Confusion

Today’s world is a confused and confusing mess.  I don’t want to be ‘woke’ – I’m already very much awake, thank you.

The following observations are from reality, not from dreams or some utopian fantasy.

  1. There are two (2) sexes – Male and Female – got it?  Biological fact.  Men’s facilities are for males, women’s facilities are for female.  Thinking there are nine (or however many you dream up) are in your head.  Wrong thinking.  We’d have a lot fewer problems if people would accept this reality.  Gender-fluidity is wrong thinking and born from deranged minds of the sort they used to lock in rubber rooms for the benefit of normal people.  Today they’re either courted by the media, part of the media, courted by politicians, or they are politicians.
  2. Today’s #MeToo frenzy confuses me.  It started out as a good thing.  I don’t condone rape in any way, shape, or form, and anyone that sexually assaults another should be punished.  But…  It’s gone too far.  Now we have women (or men) coming forward to say “[name goes here] touched my arm when we were at a restaurant in 1986, and I didn’t ask for it, so [name goes here] should be ashamed of themselves, and publically shamed as well.  You know what?  If you don’t want to be touched or, heaven forbid, hugged, don’t step out in public.  Ever.  Oh, yes, ladies, if you don’t want to be treated like a sexual object, don’t dress like one.  As in my first point above, men are biologically attracted to females, and the more you flaunt and tease, the more they’ll want.
  3. Christianity vs Islam – oil and water don’t mix.  No, certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, but their beliefs are not compatible with Christian beliefs and social structure.  The Pope is wrong.  I’m not Roman Catholic, but I know a Socialist when I see and hear one.  Holy Wars were fought in the name of eradicating the cancer known as Islam, but the Pope wants his sheep to hug it out with them instead.  Islam’s creed?  Fight the infidel until there are none left.  When the only people left are Muslim, then there will be the peace their religion claims.  No way.
  4. Racism.  God made us in many shades, all of them beautiful.  Be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.  The end.  There is no White Supremacy.  If there was, we’d have NAAWP, a Congressional White Caucus, and White Lives Matter.  You know what?  We’re all human, let’s drop the color barriers.  Yes, I saw the evidence in Tennessee when I visited Nashville 50 years ago.  I was shocked then and can’t believe anyone ever saw a reason for it to continue beyond 1870.
  5. Celebrity culture.  Look, celebrities, no one cares what you think.  If we watch you or listen to you, it’s for your particular talent, not because you have something to say.  You’re super-rich, entitled, and want your lowly public to hang on your every word.  We don’t.  Act, or sing, and leave it at that.
  6. Pro Sports.  Same as other celebrities.  We don’t care what your causes are, we watch you because of your sports prowess.  Disrespect my flag, you’re dung.  My wish is that they would shut down the NFL and let players actually work for a living.  Play sports at night or on weekends, but you aren’t worth the millions you are paid.

Just sayin…


I have a perfect answer for the children protesting gun rights. After checking several sources, it seems there is an average of 11 teenagers killed each day by other teenagers texting or talking and driving. Taking these children’s logic to a relatively logical step forward, we just take away all cell phones and their cars! Phones and cars are killers and these children should not be allowed to apply for the use of one until they’re at a responsible age.  There are far more deaths by phone than guns any day of the year.

Let’s take this one more logical step.  Eleven deaths a day doesn’t include the number of suicides every year caused by shaming and bullying, much of it texted or messaged on these over-entitled children’s phones. Given that, it makes sense to take phones away until they’re old enough to respect the power in their hands.

Kids might actually have to interact with those around them face-to-face.  Without phones, they’d have time for homework, sports, and time with their families.  Compare that to what I see every day – kids from grade school through high school walking to and from the bus with shoulders slumped, staring down at their phones as they text ignoring the world and even those around them, not to mention the vehicles swerving to avoid them as they cluelessly wander down the middle of the street in a chatroom fog.

Helicopter parents worried about where their children are don’t need to give them phones.  A simple GPS tracker will suffice to locate them at school and around the neighborhood if you feel the need, or even better – old-fashioned parenting and trust when deserved.  Yes, you read correctly.  When. Deserved.  Not because they whine, cry and throw tantrums – when. deserved. period.

Let’s get these instruments of destruction out of our children’s hands!

Just sayin…

Pro Team Sports?

Another year, same old same old… A ‘team’ sports event is not the place for personal statements. Act as a team or get out!


I’m not much of a team sports watcher, but we here in the USA have taken ‘pro’ sports to the extreme.  When I was attending Pirates ‘knothole’ games, an average baseball player salary was somewhere around $10,000 per year.  In the time it’s taken the minimum wage to go from $1.80 to $7.25 per hour, team sports ‘pro’ compensation has gone from that $10,000/yr figure to an average of $2,000,000 + /yr.

Team sports isn’t about the teams anymore, but about the players, their lifestyles, their endorsements.  We have so lost the idea of ‘team sports’ that players don’t feel the need to play as a team, but to outperform, outclass, do anything to NOT be a team member.

Today’s ‘pro’ is idolized, worshiped, revered – for what?  For the most part, the more lavish and outlandish your lifestyle, the more you align yourself with thugs and infamy, the more…

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What’s news?

I believe in free press. The news media has not only a right, but a duty to report the facts. Big word there, ‘facts’. Not spin, not opinion, but facts. CNN, NBC, CBS, yes, even FOX, are guilty of slanting news to their particular political philosophy. Today’s news is NOT news – it’s opinion, it’s editorializing. News reporting is supposed to be “Today this happened”, not having 10 people give you their opinion of why it happened. If you have not seen the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, play close attention to the media’s machinations. It’s identical to what we’ve come to accept as ‘news’ at this time. Fifty, sixty years ago, editorials occupied one, maybe two pages of the newspaper. The rest of the news section was just that, unspun, non-politicized facts.  Now you can’t find facts between the opinions – and that’s the front page.

News media, please give me facts and let me make up my own mind.

Just sayin’…

Benefit of the Doubt

It’s less than 2 weeks before election day, and it’s apparent that the scandals of HRC have no effect on Obama’s sheep.  I watched a news clip with a couple of early voters in Florida, and their comments were that they knew she was not perfect, she’d ‘made a mistake’, but she deserved another chance and benefit of the doubt.  Really?

One mistake, certainly.  Candidates are not perfect, they’re human, and if anyone votes for a candidate because of his or her purity, they’re insane.  Humans make mistakes, we’re not perfect, we’re not God.  Two mistakes and I’ve got a bit of serious thinking to do about their veracity and viability.  Two of the SAME mistakes or continued reckless behavior simply tells me they’re either incompetent or think that we the voters are stupid. Either way, they will not get my vote.

We as a country are headed in the wrong direction and need new leadership.  Being President does not mean having all the answers, but knowing who to ask and trust for the right answers.  With the Clintons, it’s who will give them the most money or power.  Their direction will head us further down the toilet bowl, and the handle has already been pulled.

We need someone to lift us out of there.  To finish with the toilet analogy, may the effects of their deeds speed their journey into the septic tank they deserve.