First, a bit of background.  I turned 70 in February 2017 and was a smoker for about 50 of those years.  Pipes, cigars, cigarettes (at one point 4 packs a day – of course, cigarettes were $0.35 cents or less a pack), and I inhaled everything.  Filters, no filters, no difference.

I knew I needed to quit, and nothing helped – cold turkey, patches, nothing worked.  I felt lousy.  I heard about e-cigarettes and my interest was piqued.  The first ones that I tried (in the early days of e-cigs) were cartomizers with exceptionally wimpy vapor production and little flavor.  I supplemented analogs with e-cigs and even got a no smoking room at a motel during a business-related technical conference.  High nicotine, little vapor – not a winner.

As the vaping industry matured and my understanding of the product increased, I was able to achieve greater satisfaction with some of the early tanks and variable voltage\variable wattage devices.  More visible vapor with same or less nicotine provided more enjoyment but still missed the mark.

Finally came the newer higher powered low resistance mods capable of producing massive amounts of visible vapor clouds!  There was one problem – the nicotine was now too high, and the ‘throat hit’ from the nicotine was detrimental to my enjoyment.  The cure for that?  Remove the nicotine.  This gave me visible clouds, a pleasant warm vapor on inhale, and best of all, no nicotine.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ goes out to The Steam Co. for their assistance and two of their unique blends that got me through the rough spots.  Those would be Merlyn’s Bow and Kintaro.

OK, now that the rambling preamble is over (would that constitute a preramble?), to the question in the title…

My vape of choice is a 200W mod with battery protection and a tank with temperature-controlled nickel steel coils.  The liquid is a 50-50 mix of USP Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, both widely used in the food industry.  Also in the liquid are food-grade flavorings, no coloring or other additives.  No nicotine – zero, zilch, nada, bupkis nicotine.

So I ask – how is that a tobacco product and why should the government treat it as such?  There’s nothing in there that comes from tobacco or even remotely resembles it.  This has allowed me to remain smoke-free after almost 2 years when nothing else worked, and the government now wants to regulate and tax the hell out of it because… why?

By the way, the VG/PG mixture above (possibly in different proportions) is used widely in Hollywood to simulate foggy or smoky conditions.  I don’t see actors walking off the job with health concerns over it, or complaining that they have to breathe second-hand vapor.

Just sayin’…